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If you’re ready to find your unique position in business or blogging and need some help on growing your twitter following, I wrote this guide just for you.

Successful businesses and bloggers don't just "tweet" or "retweet" anything. The best twitter peeps in your niche know what they are going to be tweeting & how to leverage that following to profits.

A Roaduck's #28Daytwitterbuildchallenge ebook will guide you through:

  • Proper Twitter edicate
  • Methods for growing your followers organically
  • Choosing the right profile pic, bio & cover photo
  • Find the Right hashtags for your biz
  • Figuring out the BEST times to post
  • How to Properly write a tweet without being #spammy



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Build a business, blog or brand and live the life you’re passionate about?
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Have an action plan that actually worked to crush your goals for 2016?

You need the Making Your Roadmap 2016 Workbook!

This workbook will help you achieve your goals, plan out 2016 and help live the life you want, while growing your business, blog and/or brand.

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