Twitter Analytics 101

Let me just go ahead and tell you, I love twitter. It's no lie. I am constantly tweeting, retweeting, and going to twitter chats. I actually wrote a whole book about how I grew my twitter account in just 28 days. Want a FREE course while your here?? Sure... Just click the button below.

Twitter Analytics 101

Can I just tell you I have 3 twitter accounts too?? A personal, a parenting niche one, and my biz twitter?!? - Pretty insane. I know...

Before, I dive into this let me be the first to tell you, you have to turn on your twitter analytics. You can go to - Keep in mind your twitter account must be at least 14 days old & in good standing with twitter. You just need to turn it on. You don't need a special account like Pinterest.

Second, a quick vocab lesson

  1. Tweet - Message you say with a max character limit of 140.
  2. Impression - How many people saw it
  3. Engagement - Is any click - This could be a retweet, a click thru OR a favorite/star
  4. Organic Impressions - Non-paid views

Let's Access your Twitter Anayltics

  1. Go to your twitter feed/wall
  2. Click on your photo on the top right corner - ya know profiles/settings
  3. Click Anaytlcis



This Should "Pop" up

What does this page mean?

  1. Tweets - The number of Tweets you Posted
  2. Tweet impressions - how many people saw your tweets
  3. Profile Visits - How many people checkin you out!
  4. Mentions - How many people talking about you using @YOURPROFILENAME
  5. Followers - How many more people are following you
  6. Top Tweet - The top tweet w/ the most impressions, clicks, retweets & favors
  7. Top Mention - Someone gave you lots of praise & people really liked it

Now Click on "tweets" at the Top of the Menu Tab

  1. This area shows you YOUR top tweets per impressions & engagements - Not retweet material but your own.
  2. Chart to show your tweets & organic (NOT paid) impressions
  3. Charts to show your the types of engagement with these tweets.

You can hit the tabs "Top Tweets", "Tweets & Replies" to see more information.

When you click into an individual tweet the data breaks down.

Looks Like this





Now Click on "followers" at the Top of the Menu Tab


This Should "Pop" up >>

This shows your rate gain of followers.




We want to look at something else.... Click the drop down menu on the top left of the screen. Click "Your Organic Audience"

This Should "Pop" up

You can use your audience insights to learn more about your followers and potential followers will engage with. This way you can tailor your content accordingly.




In conclusion,

You can use twitter analytic's to custom tailor your content to your following to grow your audience further organically. You can also check out to see your "sweet spot" times. Ya know - the times your stuff gets shared, retweet or favored the most. Do you see a pattern in the time? That might be YOUR best time to share something awesome. If you want to grow you following with Twitter Ads you defiantly want to be looking at your twitter analytic's daily. Did you know their actually updated second by second in REAL time? -That just insane.

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