September Blog Goals + Income + Growth Report


Welcome to my first ever Blog Goals + Income + Growth Report on how I made money, grew my email list AND doubled my social media following. Can I just tell you how much I love to blog? If you want to learn more about the how to start a blog and/or your own biz, you should check out my toolbox. This is a great download because it gets into more detail if you are thinking of starting a blog to even just improving the one you already have.

I will start by saying that I was a little nervous to begin showcasing my income, traffic and stats because I see so many bloggers like Regina at and Dale at who are making some serious bank. Keep in mind this is my first month of blogging full time & I did launched my blog until September 14. I want to put myself out there to inspire new bloggers, creatives and small business owners. We all have to start somewhere...

Each month I will be setting up monthly goals. My goals will focus on my blog -selling product, social media stats - Cause there always doubling and personal stuff- because I am a mom & a wife too.

Then the following month I will be giving a recap. You can see my September Goals Blog & Biz HERE. I just launched my site. Want to see how it all came to be?? Here is a three part series on how it all happened...

September Stats

Social Media & Email List

Audience Overview

Did you notice that I don't have very many "Likes" on Facebook BUT Facebook was my #1 source? This is because I am very active on Facebook Groups. Pinterest was my next highest resource. Gotta love the power of pinning!

This is my very first month of blogging with --> My launch date was September 14, where I saw the most page views. Woohoo!! I decided to launch this thing August 25. By September 14 I had collected 14 e-mail subscribers. Since launched I have added 5 more. (Not great, but its a start)

One of my goals was to host a mini periscope seiries - Didn't happen. But there is always next month! There is is much I want to do but so little time between writing, being a wife & mom and product development.

Top Post

  1. Behind the Desk with Rachel from
  2. Twitter Analytics 101 + Free E-course
  3. Customizing your Squarespace Coverpage
  4. Launch of ARoadruck Part 1
  5. Launch of ARoadruck Part 2

This month I post 10 blog post - You can see them all on The Archive


Some of the links in the post do contain affliates & one day I will make money! Who knows it could be now :)


One Time Cost/Expenses


= $410 TOTAL


= $113 PER Month


Shockingly - NONE/0 - 14 Days into blogging


  • Okay, so I didn't make any money this month. But that's okay. My website is only two weeks old & honestly, I feel like it doesn't count. I expect the next couple months to be low. I am still building my list, my brand & I really feel like I am on the right path. I am going to continue to give out as much help and content.
  • Want to see next months goals?? Check the out here. - There getting bigger & better!!
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