October Blog + Biz Goals

Once a month, I'll write a detailed report about my Blog + Biz goals. This report will include blog goals, like traffic, e-mail subscribers, money$ stuffs and anayltics. On the business side be show you revenue goal & how I plan to attain them. Stay tuned as the following months for The Blog + Biz Report. By me publishing these goals it makes me even more motivated to complete them.

Ocotober Biz Blog + Life Goals

My Goals for October 2015:

1. Finish Your First 1K

It's true, I invested in Mariah Coz's Your First 1K - I still understand the importance of building a list & delivering kick butt content. As of right now, I have the material up to week 5 but I am really still working on week 2 stuff. #longwaytogo #worthit. Plus, I keep getting distracted with FREE product development, after taking Mariah's workshop called F*ck Ya Funnels. Yo!

2. Get 1,000 unique visitors

If you looked at my September Goals + Income & Traffic Report - I had 241 unique users. Now my goal is to get 1,000 unique subscribers. How?

  1. Get two guest blogs post w/ content upgrades
  2. Implementing a new Pinterest tool called Tailwind - Hopefully I can triple my Pinterest referral traffic - last month I had 41 referrals.
  3. Host two joint webinars! -One will be with amazing Sacia of SaciaIsabella.com

3. Launch my new paid E-Course

I have been working really hard on Double or Nothing Social Media. I have been recording tech tutorials, making worksheets, and writing some really good content. At this moment two batches of Beta Benefit packets have been emailed out. With all the information in this class - I know $97 is a STEAL. I know this class has so much more value. I do have plans to increase the price of the class, but I do not know when. Totes, check it out if your ready to spend less time on social media but want more traffic from it.

4. Take my e-mail list from 16 to 250

My main focus is driving traffic to my site & getting more email address. My plan is that the increasing traffic will convert into email subscribers. How to I get new subscribers? 4 major ways.

  1. My digital tool box
  2. My FREE Jump Start Social Media E-course
  3. Never Miss a Turn Newsletter
  4. Blog/Content Upgrades

I do host a Monthly Lunch & Learn - Where us bloggers, creative and small businesses can learn something new each month & acquire some new actionable skills. I have 19 e-mail address for this list, but why? Why do I keep these list separate? I don't want to annoy people once a month to get a sale OR email them all the time. So these are strictly people who want to lunch & learn with me. If they want to join my regular email, they are encouraged, but I don't put them in there.

5. Go on a Weekend Vaca with the Hubby

My husband & I have been working SO hard lately. I have been blogging and working. He has been running his martial arts school, his coaching business and be a daddy. I really can't complain for having such a awesome person in my life. I would really enjoy to surprise him with a weekend getaway or something.

6. Amazing 6th Birthday for Jamie

Jamie's 6th Birthday is just a couple weeks away - So excited. This year we have decided to have a army birthday! So I am turning paper mache egg into grenades, and a HUGE obstacle course. There is still SO much planning to do. I have to get a cake, food, party favors and more. Thank goodness for Pinterest!!

What are your goals for October? I wanna see - Leave your link below!!