Launch of Aroadruck Part 2

Wow! I cannot believe the positive responses I have received since launching. This whole blog process has been such a trip. I love taking you guys through my whole process of getting it all together. If you haven't started reading this three part series, Launch of Aroadruck Part 1 is HERE.

Photo by Rekita Nicole

Photo by Rekita Nicole


It's time for the TRUTH! Before launching this blog, I kept comparing myself and second guessing the information I had in my head. Plus, since taking a bunch of blogging courses everything was getting SUPER jumbled.


I had Information overload, like REAL BAD.

I decided my niche was going to be strategy. I was going to help creatives, bloggers & entrepreneurs how to get started in business & make millions from the stuff inside their brains. Easier said than done, especially when you're at the other end. Worst of all, I was comparing myself to all the big blogger in my niche & my sister niche.


I know each one of them started out like me right? I know I'll be in their shoes, just give it a year or two. Right?


To ease my stresses I actually tried Peek. It's a FREE service for small businesses like me. Someone screen shares their first impressions of your website. My review went really well. That's a confidence booster for sure. I loved this tool SO much, its getting added to the toolbox!


Since I was getting so very overwhelmed, I decided to run some of my own processes on myself.


My Days Before Launch...

Behind the scenes - me working on my weekly schedule.... YO!!

Behind the scenes - me working on my weekly schedule.... YO!!

  • Day 1 - Mental health day. - I took a couple of these through the process. I still stayed active on social media, but I did not look at my blog.
  • Day 2 - I filled out my own road map book. This book I use for my freelance clients. It helps them find a niche, a voice & audience. Once filled out, I made myself a business road map. This process is long than expected because I had plans & content figured out until March 2016.
  • Day 3 - The next day dove into my content & stayed up until 4am, I called it my "inspiration day". That night I wrote 4 blog post, watched a couple webinars AND did the homework for the blog. It was amazingly productive.  I had probably three days of 16+hour "inspirations days"
  • Day 4 - Worked as much as I could. My husband helped too. If he wasn't tweaking a worksheet OR figuring out a piece of code, he was taking care of the kids. #besthusbandever
  • Day 5- 7 Took some more time off to be with the family *WEEKENDS*

Shockingly, the less I worked,  the MORE I would get done at a later time. Downtime was my recharge! And procrastination was my motivation. Seems backwards right?

Keep in mind this was the end of August. In order to launch this blog with everything I wanted to, I still stayed up until 1:30am day of the blog launch to prep emails, make downloads, tweak content & make pretty buttons.

What I wanted before the launch

My strategy before the launch was to have...

Behind the Scene My "roadmaps" - Green = Products, Pink = Blog Post Yellow = emails Orange = misc. stuffs

Behind the Scene My "roadmaps" - Green = Products, Pink = Blog Post Yellow = emails Orange = misc. stuffs

  • 1 evergreen product (always selling)
  • 1 pre-selling product / product in development
  • 1 incentive to get e-mails AKA the toolbox/swag bag
  • 5-10 good quality content post with upgrades.

I launched with...


Honestly, I ran out of time... It was either launch with what I have OR post-pone the launch.

Didn't happen. I launched on time with what I had!

My First E-mail (Digital Swag Bag)

My first e-mail was a digital swag bag of goodies. It contained all the stuff from the toolbox, plus a coupon code for my e-book #28daytwitterbuildchallenge -I had 16 emails on my list. Keep in mind two were my own/husband & one was my sister. Yeesh...

Cover Page - From Coming Soon to Launch

I switched the coverpage from "Coming Soon" to "Launched". That way any last minute party goers could still get the digital swag bag, up to 48hrs later.

That pretty much sums up a lot of the story. Now I want to tell you how I plan to keep this blog alive with traffic & sales.


Check out part 3 of the Launch of Aroadruck. - COMING SOON!