10 Facebook Groups to Know & Love

Here are the 10 Facebook Groups to Know & Love! I seriously LOVE, Facebook Groups. It's how you get seen on Facebook these day! Seriously, prime example is on my Business Facebook Page. It only has 3 Likes -  You can see it HERE. -You can go "Like" it too! (I really don't mind!) BUT my #1 traffic source was Facebook last month with 150 views in 14 days. I realize that is not a ton, but it's crazy how many referrals I received to my site from Facebook Groups... an average if 10 visitors staying on my site for 10 minutes on average!  - After making this list I do have more than 10 Facebook Groups to Know & Love - but I gotta keep it short!!

10 Facebook Groups to Know & Love for Bloggers, Creatives and Small Biz Peeps

Here is a quick list of the 10 Facebook Groups to Know & Love + Links. This list is not particular order. I bounce between the 10 - visiting a couple everyday. I plan about 10 minutes on each group. That means over the week I spend about 100 minutes - that less than two hours on Facebook Groups. Which to me doesn't seem like a lot. I use social media to break up my day.  If you see a group you want to join, just click it, a new window will pop up!

10 Facebook Groups

10. https://www.facebook.com/groups/Creative.Biz.Ladies/

I know people say Facebook is "dead" but honestly, its NOT. Facebook still has the most users & people say logged into their Facebook for evah - When is the last time you logged out OR didn't Facebook something?