October Blog Goals + Income + Growth Report

Welcome to my second Blog Goals + Income + Growth Report on how I made money and grew my email list & my social media following. I really enjoy the slow growth of my blog as I learn place in the digital world. It's nice not worrying about making mistakes and people not really noticeing. HAHA -Catch that misspelling?? Anyways if you want to learn more about the how to start a blog and/or your own biz, you should check out my toolbox. This is a great download because it gets into more tools to start a blog, grow your online business OR improving the online presence you already have.

October Blog Goals + Income + Growth Report from Aroadruck.com

This is my second real month of blogging.  I am still in my first 60 days. What inspires me to write these is bloggers like Regina at byregina.com and Patt Flynn of Smart Passive Income. If you are reading this for the first time, you should know I launched my blog September 14, 2015. A very random time to start a new blog right? But its not my first blog. **Starts to ramble**

At the beginning of this month, I had a plan but didn't really follow it. I notice if I miss a bench mark, I just find another path and keep running. Not a great strategy, but its better than nothing.

Social Media & Email List

  • Facebook - 4 Likes +1 Like
  • Twitter - 170 Followers +89 Followers
  • Pinterest - 110 Followers +57 Followers
  • Instagram - 174 Followers +134 Followers (HOLY COW!!)
  • E-mail Subscribers - 50 Subscribers w/ a 50% Open rate.... WOW (+24 Subscribers)

My rise in Instagram followers MUST be attributed to my good friend Samantha at Hyper Social Media. She took over my Instagram for a day and BLEW IT UP. It was kinda like Christmas. I also attribute my Instagram success for taking over the One Women Shop Instagram account for the day. That was fun too.

Since I randomly decided to launch a weekly BLAB for bloggers, creatives and small business owners, called #createyourmap, I started this because I was so tired of just exchanging guest post. I wanted to do something MORE. That means, I will be adding BLAB and Persicope Social Media Stats to my report.

  • Periscope - 42 Followers
  • BLAB - 41 Followers

Audience Overview

Did you notice that I don't have very many "Likes" on Facebook BUT Facebook was my #1 source? This is because I am very active on Facebook Groups.

Twitter is my second highest social referral. I have been more active about tweeting out my own stuff. For a while I kept forgetting to load my buffer with self promotions. Silly me... I am still trying to figure out pinning. I really want to invest in The Nectar Collectives Pinfinate Growth, but I am on a budget freeze until January.

One of my goals was to host a mini periscope series - Didn't happen AGAIN. I never put it into my content calendar. I never really make periscope a priority. Maybe its time for a change. There is is much I want to do but so little time between writing, being a wife & mom and product development. YO!!!

Top Post

  1.  Reviewed - The Ultimate Monthly Biz Planner #Ultimatebizplanner
  3. Where to Guest Post
  4. 10 Facebook Groups to Know & Love

  5. Why is Having a Social Media Strategy SO important

This month I posted 15 blog post - You can see them all on The Archive


Some of the links in the post do contain affiliates & one day I will make money! Who knows it could be now :)



= $113 PER Month


  • +25.08 Amazon Affliates Program
  • 98.72 Leadpage Affliate

TOTAL = $123.80

*I actually made over $100 this month. PARTY!*


  • To further grow my social media out reach, I am going to host/participate in a Instagram Loop giveaway. I am going to Periscope once a week. I am going to self promote more on twitter. I am going to be still active on Facebook Groups. I will continue to host #createyourmap BLAB for bloggers, creatives and business peeps.
  • I will be guest posting once a week. And continue to update my blog two/three times a week.
  • I will continue to bring my audience more ways to grow their business as I do mine.
  • Ready to see my November Goals?? Check the out here >> November Blog, Biz and Life Goals. (To BE PUBLISHED Sunday 11/8/15)