How to Host your Own BLAB Show

So you want to host your own BLAB? Congrats! I have so much fun hosting #createyourmap every Monday night at 8pm EST. It's really great to put names to faces, and photos to voices. BLAB is an amazing social tool. Check out my post BLABBING for Beginners & BLABBING for Business.

How to Host your own BLAB show + FREE Checklist included! #BLAB at


Think, before you commit...

Before you rush into things, it’s important to keep in mind that (like any other social media tool) it can take a lot of effort to get going and develop your voice & an audience. Most people take time to develop their following, no matter if it's podcasting, a Twitter Chat or YouTube Channel; BLAB is no different. You'll need to treat a Blab show the exact same way as the other facets of your business.

Some people assume that BLAB is another social media fad. Well, its not. It's owned by Twitter, and I see new updates each week. Since the platform is SO new, you may have to educate your audience what BLAB is. They may ask you questions like, "how's it work?", "do I have to go on the camera?", "does it cost money?" -These are questions you need to answer.

BLAB show that are successful... (requires that you develop a listener base).

  • Are published on a consistent basis. -Like a TV show, your BLAB needs to be the same time and the same length
  • Need to deliver content and be present each & every time. -if you have a sick day, you can have a "BLAB take over" show or a extra special guest that week.
  • Shows need to be slightly predictable in format. Example, Patt Flynn of Smart Passive Income -Introduces the show, start the interview, and wraps up.
  • All in all BLAB is a really fun tool. but if you're going to have a really stellar show, you're going to need to take BLAB seriously.

Lastly, don't expect BLAB is pay your bills immediately. It's possible to really monetize from your BLAB's - I have seen syndicated / sponsored shows - both of which is possible to get, but you'll need to start building up your following first. I am of the opinion that social media is supposed to be social. I think that BLAB is a get referral machine, just not one for exclusively selling product.



What You’ll Need to get Started...

On my show #createyourmap I just use the microphone & speakers on my laptop (MAC Book PRO 2015) But I have seen people get really fancy. Here are a couple suggestions to think about when your ready. Keep in mind that all these items have duel purposes - Like you can use the microphone for webinars, podcasting, and Youtube. The link below are affiliate links, which means that if you decide to purchase these items, I get a small portion of the sales. Thanks!



Internet is a online based platform. So you need to have internet to access. Make sure you have good internet too. If the internet connect is not strong enough, you'll be audio only. People will want to see your face, so make sure you have good Internets. BLAB has a Iphone APP - but for hosting your show, you'll want to be on a desktop / laptop. The interface is much more compact, and you will want to see all the comments, questions and really have the option to communicate with your audience.

Computer / Laptop

BLAB is on all smart devices. To host your show you'll want to use the online desktop interface to keep up with comments and questions. It's SO much harder to do it from a smart device. Trust me, you can thank me later. Secondly, I know people have had issues using Google Chrome and BLAB. I personally use Firefox. If you or your views are having ANY technical difficulty, just type @help into the chat box. Someone from BLAB will come running to help you. Seriously, use it but don't abuse it.

Optional (Software)

There are some extra paid and unpaid software that you can use for your BLAB's.

I only have seen one particular software I want to share (its the only that I know) and its called Manycam. This third party software can do a bunch of stuff. I would personally use it for creating a bar, under your name with your website / name. If you are familiar with google hangouts, it kinda like the lower third bar. Beware using this third party software can decrease the cameras quality / speed. Images may see more pixelated and video maybe more "sticky".



Show Development

Developing a new show is kinda like developing your blog or podcast.  You are going to need to figure out you niche, topics, your angle / voice and a show time.

Step 1: Determine Your Topic and Find Your Niche

Since BLAB is so new there is plenty of opportunity to start a new show. #createyourmap is a show for bloggers, creatives and small business owners. We BLAB about all things business, social media, marketing, blogging and branding. Really anything to do with business. Don't be sad if your topic or theme is already taken, you can put your own unique spin on it. Here's a thought: maybe you can narrow down your shows topic even further. Take it from Fashion to Shoes, OR Movies to New Releases. Who knows, maybe you can collaborate on something with someone else and co-host a weekly show - think Bob and Tom!

Step 2: Pick your Date & Time

You're going to want to host your show on the same day & time every week. Just like publishing a blog post, or a weekly email, consistency is key! When determining the perfect time, you might want to follow a couple general rules. Fridays are bad - Think about Football and the TGIF attitude. Weekends can be hit or miss -hey it is the weekend.

Step 3: Finding a Co-host

Co-hosts are nice because you (the host) are not alone. A good co-host is someone who really gets into the conversation and adds value. A Co-host from a technical angel can help when YOU are having issues. Once you start the BLAB, if your internet craps out the Co-host can continue the BLAB while you fix the issue. If you have no co-host & experience technical difficult your BLAB will automatically end.  If you aren't looking to co-host, you should consider it. Otherwise, maybe Periscope is a better platform for you.

Step 4: promote your show

The easiest way to promote your show is social media. You'll want to Facebook, Instagram, Tweet, and even Periscope about your BLAB. If you are having co-host or guest speakers send them promotional material, that way they can social share too. You'll want to promote your BLAB 3-to-5 days before your show. Any longer and people may forget.  

Step 5: Host your Show

Hosting your BLAB show is so much fun. Your going to be surprised about how quickly times flies. I typically keep my shows 45-60 minutes in length, too long and you will lose people. Keep in mind, like I said in the beginning, consistency is KEY. When you host your first few shows, your audience count might be low. Don't worry. It takes time to build up viewers/listeners. Secondly, the more you do it, the better you get.

There are a few key components of your show, you might miss. Which is why I have made you a step-by-step check sheet to use.

Congrats. You have your own BLAB show. I am so excited that it's a step you decided was right for you and your business. I would love to hear about your show. Drop me an email in the contact form. Want to come guest on my show?? I love featuring new BLAB's. Here is the co-host application.


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