November Blog, Biz and Life Goals

Once a month, I'll write a detailed report about my Blog + Biz goals. This report will include blog goals, like traffic, e-mail subscribers, money$ stuffs and analytics. On the business side I'll show you my revenue goals & how I plan to attain them. Stay tuned as the following months for The Blog + Biz Report. By publishing my goals it makes me even more motivated to complete them.

November Biz, Blog and LIFE Goals at

1. Launch #createyourmap BLAB

This goal is technically done as my first BLAB was last night. I am hosting a weekly BLAB for bloggers, creatives and small business owners. Each week I will be inviting two co-host and we will talk about different topics each week. Last night out topic was DYI branding. I invited Brittney from Adventure of Existence and Melanie of Melanie Craft Co. There is also a 4th open seat. I saved it for you!! My BLAB audience is MORE than welcome to pop in, ask questions, or contribute to the conversation. Last night I had 58 Online viewers. That's really awesome for a first time blabber. Right?? Right!!

2. Get 500 Unique Visitors

In September I had 254 UV. October was 377 UV. I think is goal is more attainable than my last goal of 1000 UV. I am really going to have to push myself to keep creating, promoting, and sharing. I also have two months of data to analyze to see what works and what didn't work. I have noticed sometime I just get into these funks where I just focus on content creation or promotion. Sometimes I feel like I am a slave to the clock.

3. Finish the last 3 weeks of YF1K

I am on the fifth week of Mariah's Your First 1K. That's 1,000 subscribers & 1K in the bank in 8 weeks. I haven't been following it as best I should. I still need to find a webinar partner. I feel like everyone has a webinar. So I'll need to work on that. I also need to work on sticking to a content creation schedule and a promotion schedule. Where is all the time??

4. Periscope once a week

This goal has been a goal for far to long. This will happen!

5. Get a XboxOne

Everyone knows I am a gamer geek. And if you didn't, I AM!! With all the really cool games coming out like Fallout 4, Halo 5, Assassin's Creed, Battlefront Star Wars, and Call of Duty (COD) - I really need to bite this bullet. I have been saving & stashing away $$ every chance I get. I think I can comfortably get a used XboxOne & one game. Now to choose...

6. Get my home ready for Winter.

Gotta get the winter clothes out, pack up anything summer and really get bunkered down for cold & flu season. My daughter was born 14 weeks premature, last year. Last year we totally missed cold & flu season. No one got sick. No fevers, no running noses or no coughs. That's the goal this year. What that means is more time for the blog and more time Netflix!