Finding the Sweet Spot

Finding the Sweet Spot... In Business.

I few weeks ago, my social media numbers were growing so quickly, it was amazing. I am finding myself really having a gift for connecting with others on social media. I'm not super surprised because I am a super social person outside of internet land (aka irl).

But as I was connecting with others, I found that more & more people are really overwhelmed with social media. Seeing a need, I started filling it. I launched a free social media success e-course. Results were good. I taught people how to automate their social media & how to further connect and grow.

Find your Sweet Spot in Business with

Then I decided to monetize and make a even larger e-course. As I was developing this course, my daughter got sick, I got sick, and by the end of four weeks, I was running out of time so I hustled even harder to get it done. Achieved 90% of the e-course done in the final push.

It's really good stuff too.

Downside is, that the last 10% didn't get done. Why? Burn out AND figuring out teaching social media ISN'T my passion. It wasn't even why I created - I was so done.

I found myself going outside my niche to make money. And it wasn't even money I was excited to make.

It honestly reminds me of Mariah Coz creating a "How to Successful Etsy Shop" course. She would be amazing at it, and people would pay for it. But she has no passion for it.

There is nothing wrong with realizing that making a profit won't turn into a passion and just making money doesn't buy happiness.

Sometime you have to start back at the drawing board. Ya know??

My website it supposed to be a hub for resources and connections. No reason to reinvent the wheel by teaching social media that's being taught all over the place.

So, how do you find that sweet spot?

First, I would define sweet spot: life, relationship/love, fitness, happiness, self-worth, adding value create something your jazzed to do instead of grinding it out. There's a reason gamers use the term "grind" when it comes to certain parts of the game. Bottom line - Find what you enjoy.

Now lets think about what you don't love about business or life and write it down. Look for any patterns? In my life, I enjoy time with my family but I need to feel like I am contributing monetarily. So my balance is find passive income that make money at the same time not losing time with the kids and husband.

Then, ask yourself - what's the opposite? In my example, I do not want to work 12 hour shifts being away from the husband and kids. So obviously, starting my own business, working in a factory or being something like being a truck driver isn't going to be my sweet spot. -Although it maybe for someone else. Bottom line figure out what you do NOT enjoy.

Now, let's figure out what you are good at. I am good at google searches, connecting and networking with people and organizing. So my blog is going to be about bringing resources, tools, and people together in a organize way. Bottom line - What are you good at?

Third major step is finding a way to blend the three components together:

  • What fits your life / What you enjoy?
  • What you do not want / What you do NOT enjoy?
  • What your good at?

Everyone's stuff's is going to be different. That's what makes each business, boutique, blog, book and everything really in life unique. Still having trouble finding your unique road to success? Or maybe your business isn't shining as bright as the rest. Finding that sweet spot is hard to do but not impossible. I know you can do it. If you need any help along the way - A.K.A turning your passion into a profit. Let me know. Stuck somewhere?? Let's figure it out.