Why I'm adding Persicope to my Marketing Plan

I will admit, I have been occasionally doing Periscopes. But never on a consistent basis. -I am talking about once a month-maybe... This week, I have decided to add Periscope into my daily marketing plans. You can checkout my scopes by following me @AAutumnRoadruck OR checkout my Katch.com page for the replays.

Why I'm adding Periscope to my Marketing Plan at Aroadruck.com

Why the sudden dive??

I found out that 20 million people are on Periscope. Only 75,000 people are actively broadcasting on Periscope. That means their are significantly more people watching, than scoping. I don't know what you're thinking, but I hear OPPORTUNITY to calling my name.

I know the first few scopes will be a bit rocky, but I am committed to the long haul. I know I can only get better if I do the scopes.

Another Inspiration was Mattie, Latrisha, and Danielle

Some really amazing Periscopers I watch on the regular is Mattie of Mattieology , Latrisha of Latrisha.co. and Danielle Ford of DanielleFord.com -99% of the time I am watching the replays! All these ladies host amazing Periscopes to help with your business or blog.

  • Mattie has amazing Periscopes for your blog or business, even though she's a beauty blogger guru, her Periscopes can help any business.
  • Latrisha is my Periscope Guru. I essentially got caught up on platform Periscope with her FREE course here >>
  • Then I found Danielle Ford's 5 Day Periscope Challenge.  Which is a 5 day email course to get you more followers, and hearts. Also with this course, I get access to a Facebook Group that is filled with others that have decided to Scope.  You can check that out here>>

The information these ladies provide is awesome. I would suggest to take Latrisha's course first. If you are new to Periscope, you'll really want to have a sound base if/when you decide to start Danielle's course.

Here is my Periscope Roadmap...

  • Periscope each morning giving one actionable tip to grow your blog, business or brand.
  • Periscope at least once a day Monday-Friday between 2-4pm. Chatting about various business topics, or just about my life. -mostly
  • Tweet out 10mins prior to Periscoping (hopefully, I will remember)
  • Watch 5 LIVE Periscopes a day to network & learn -Which requires me to turn on Periscope Notifications on my phone!
  • Continue to learn more about Periscope -Check out this Pinterest Board I made!
  • Host a Periscope Workshop in the future. I am thinking the second week of December.

What are you doing on Periscope? Can I follow you?? Leave your username below.