If you’re ready to find your unique position in business or blogging and need some help on growing your twitter following, I wrote this guide just for you.

Successful businesses and bloggers don't just "tweet" or "retweet" anything. The best twitter peeps in your niche know what they are going to be tweeting & how to leverage that following to profits...

#28Daytwitterbuildchallenge e-book

By: A. Roadruck


This guide is going to give you daily strategies on how to grow your twitter following. You do not want to take twitter lightly, it's a really great platform to network & be scene. You will learn EVERYTHING you need to know on how to fully utilize the platform without spend a dime. That's right, its like FREE advertising!

A Roaduck's #28Daytwitterbuildchallenge ebook will guide you through:

  • Finding your unique Twitter voice
  • Proper Twitter edicate
  • Methods for growing your followers organically
  • Choosing the right profile pic, bio & cover photo
  • Find the Right hashtags for your biz
  • Figuring out the BEST times to post
  • How to Properly write a tweet without being #spammy


I know twitter is SO confusing. Actually ALL social media can be overwhelming & very stressful. So I wrote this book to help you build your following, automate the work and help you network on twitter.

This eBook is a digital download that will be delivered to you instantly after purchase.

About the Author

I am the navigator to creatives (freelancers, coaches, teachers), like you. You're someone who wants to profit from your knowledge + passions in a truthful and authentic way. My belief is that you are AWESOME, so I've created articles, videos, workbooks, and classes that help you reveal the road map to success. The #28daytwitterbuildchallenge is my first E-book. I really hope you enjoy :)







Why get lost in the Hashtags?

This eBook is a digital download that will be delivered to you instantly after purchase.

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